Association Briefing August 2017

29 August 2017

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It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by in ‘the engine room’ as David Taylor referred to in last month’s issue of Building Engineer, and that subscription renewals are upon us.

As you read this briefing, you should have received your subscription renewal notification either by electronic communication or received a hard copy in the post. If you have not received your renewal notice please notify us as soon as possible. The payment methods are on the notice; however, we urge you to pay online as you will receive confirmation that your membership is paid, and the payment goes to your membership record instantaneously.

As I am writing this and reflecting over the past 12 months, I’m trying to decipher from our perspective why time flies so quickly. I conclude that the reason is we are all so busy, and we achieve so much for a relatively small team. We continually strive to add value to our membership over and above the ‘Qualification’, looking at initiatives to enhance the service provision to our members, to grow our membership and to raise the profile of our Association. 

This year we have launched some new membership service initiatives, including the CABE Advantage scheme which offers discounts on a range of lifestyle goods and services for our members. We have significantly developed and supported our regional services, which we would encourage you to explore, and the number of regional conferences has grown significantly over the past 12 months; it is anticipated that they will grow even further over the coming year. We have also introduced anniversary gifts, meaning that when you reach a one, three, five or ten year milestone you will receive a small token of our appreciation for the continued support that you have given to the Association. 

At the beginning of July, I personally reached 16 years’ service with the Association, and as we approach another subscription year-end – and after mentioning the anniversary initiatives, I thought I would take some time to consider the developments of this Association during those 16 years.
The key achievement has to be the milestone of receiving a Royal Charter and being able to offer a Chartered Qualification. This was a significant achievement and one the Headquarters team is very proud of. 

The regional structure is significantly different, with very proactive committees driving the regions forward with a high level of support from Headquarters; historically members were supported at a local level, by a branch structure which was successful in some areas but not so successful in others. 

The number of events has grown by about 200% and we continue to tailor our training to the needs of the market and feedback from our members. In the aftermath of the Grenfell Disaster, we have developed a new course on Fire Safety. Further details of the course can be found here. 

Building Engineer has been re-designed, increased in size, and remains a flagship service provision for our members, just as it was when I joined 16 years ago.

The membership process has been reviewed and enhanced to ensure that we are maintaining standards. The
assessment for membership is based on competence and we offer an enhanced support to both members in upgrading their qualifications to the highest level, and supporting potential applicants through the process. 16
years ago, this work was undertaken by one individual, and now we have a team of five that is focused on
membership development, retention, growth and support. 

The last 12 months has seen significant work being undertaken with universities to grow the number of student members and to develop collaborative working relationships to ensure that we become the professional body of choice upon graduation.
We have members in 51 countries and in the last year we have opened Chapters in China and the USA and later this year we will have a Chapter in the Middle East. 

Digital communications have evolved; we have moved to communicating with the majority of members using electronic communications and we have also developed social media platforms to communicate with members, industry professionals and members of the public. We have moved from a flat-page website to one that fully integrates with our customer relationship system giving the ability to manage your membership record, including changing your personal details, upgrading your membership, recording your CPD and receiving your membership discounts through the online booking functionality – very different to the paper trail that used to
go back and forth, with the odd few e-mails. 

So, through all these changing times, we have continued our commitment to Developing Professionals, Raising Standards and Sharing Knowledge. We recognise that we are the home for professionals in the built environment, we are keen to continue to develop the Association meeting the needs of our members and
understand what added value means to you. 

We want to identify what initiatives you would like to see in the forthcoming year, or the next five years. How, as a member, do you feel that we can add value to the professional qualification?

I am keen to hear from you with any ideas, or initiatives that you would like to see the Association provide. Who knows where all of us and the Association could be in the next 16 years! 

Please drop me an e-mail: or give me a call on 01604 404121.

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