Compliance and Regulations at a Crossroads by Dr Gavin Dunn

9 May 2018

Compliance and Regulations at a Crossroads by Dr Gavin Dunn Image

With the Hackitt review into building regulations in the final furlong and eagerly awaited by an anxious construction sector, we as professionals owe a duty of care, not just to the client or those instructing them, but also to the end user.

As the industry sits at a quality crossroads, how can we ensure the professionals of the future deliver a standard of practice which exceeds expectations and deserves the public trust?

Hackitt’s preliminary report put the emphasis on competency, technical standards and the pace of technological change. These are all increasingly important considerations, not just in terms of ensuring buildings remain safe, but also to keep our buildings on track towards a low carbon future in order to meet the 2050 emissions target – legally binding under the Climate Change Act. Zero carbon will be an enormous challenge and very difficult to get right.

As our buildings are required to meet new levels of performance, and as we seek to upgrade our large and diverse existing building stock, all of the construction professions will need to work closely together to develop cost effective and technically sound solutions. I believe that CABE and its members are uniquely placed to respond positively to these challenges and can play a significant role in creating a better built environment by helping improve government policy and industry practice.

Our annual two-day conference on 4th-5th October - themed Pathways to Excellence and delivering more than Compliance in the Built Environment - will put compliance in the built environment under the spotlight with speakers and attendees considering a response to future challenges and responsibilities within the industry in light of regulatory reform. With content that has been chosen to promote debate and challenge convention, there will also be a panel-led debate on what professional bodies and their members need to do to respond to new ways of working.

This is a time of great debate across our industry and this year’s annual conference will provide an ideal opportunity for members of the profession to lead and direct the industry through sharing best practice. Have a look at this years conference programme.

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