It's Been An Honour

20 May 2019

It's Been An Honour  Image

As my time as President of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) has now ended, it is an ideal opportunity for me to reflect on the past two years – and what a two years it has been.

When I became President in May 2017 I had no idea how the one year journey would evolve, but two years later I’m pleased to say the experience has been a great journey – an experience made even more special, with the recognition of being one of only seven past presidents since 1925 to have served more than one year in this role. It has been an enormous honour and something I am extremely proud of.

Just after my inauguration, our industry found itself under intense scrutiny following the Grenfell tragedy and many were unsure as to what the future would hold.

During this time however, CABE has led by example, representing and demonstrating a commitment to our objectives, making change and driving change whilst continuing to enhance our recognition at the forefront of Industry. The Association has become a vibrant and exciting body, representing industry and members at the highest levels and I’m immensely proud to have been a part of this journey.   

As President, my role was to promote CABE both in the UK and internationally, but more than this, my role was to be an ambassador for our members and the professions which we represent.  However, one of the noticeable changes I have seen on my travels is the enthusiasm amongst our members, which is not only great to see, but also encouraging seeing how our membership is becoming more inspired.

This is in no small part due to the achievements, leadership and direction of our past CEO John Hooper and our new CEO Gavin Dunn. The journey which Gavin has embarked CABE on since he joined in early 2018 is certainly encouraging and exciting for the Association.  He is certainly navigating and charting our future course with vibrancy and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to support Gavin and the Association in developing the many new objectives, goals and visions for the years ahead. The future looks incredibly enticing, and over the next few years many of these goals and visions will become a reality. “Great times ahead” !!

When I become President, I set myself three objectives. These were to support the growth and collaboration of CABE whilst addressing industry quality values and the need to demonstrate best practice when it comes to professional performance and our ethical standards.

So what did I do?

Any professional body is only ever as strong as its membership so growth of membership, identity, influence and CABEs sustainability into the future will always be a high priority. It’s no secret that we continue to face our biggest skills shortage for a generation and as such I have visited many universities and colleges, not only in the UK, but also internationally. Here I had the chance to engage with students, presenting and promoting professional progression, our industry opportunities, plus training and membership choices.

In a post-Grenfell and Hackitt world of challenge, competency and change, collaboration was always high on my agenda. I wanted to encourage better communication and collaboration between CABE and other professional bodies in order to promote equal opportunities. There is huge opportunity in collaboration between our professions and it’s important that we all continue to invest and trust in each other, as our industry faces the many challenges ahead.

I’ve met with many professional bodies, both nationally and internationally and we have created some great relationships, friendships and exciting opportunities, not only to showcase the discipline of Building Engineering, but also how we can all learn from each other, and continue the development and growth of the industry.

As our industry remains under constant strain and pressure the quality and performance gap continues to widen. Throughout the past two years, I’ve promoted the importance of integrity and better quality, better industry standards and better industry leadership. It is important to remember that CABE’s code of conduct and guide to ethical professionalism is simply not just about public trust and that integrity is all about doing the right thing even if no one is watching. This is a challenge we all need to acknowledge and support 

It’s incumbent on us all to retain and preserve the highest possible standards and values, we all need to support a promotion of better core values if we are to be true to CABE’s values of Developing Professionals, Sharing Knowledge and Raising Standards.

I have had the proud opportunity to promote CABE, and It’s been an enormous honour to have been President. I feel extremely grateful and privileged to have been afforded this opportunity, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. I’ve met interesting people, I’ve learnt, and I hope I’ve made a positive contribution to the Association’s values, and objectives helping to make at least some small improvement to what is without doubt a fantastic industry, no matter what challenges we may face.

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