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1 April 2019

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Dear Members

I find myself once again writing this Journal page whilst accompanying our CEO Gavin Dunn and Business Development Director Tony Ginda, as we head for Hong Kong to meet with our many members there and to attend our Hong Kong annual conference. We will also be meeting with members and professional bodies in both mainland China and Macau, where Interviews, panel training, numerous meetings with professional and educational organisations and conference presentations will occur. It’s certainly a packed agenda.

We have many active members in Hong Kong, as we do also in Malaysia and Singapore (not forgetting the UK and Ireland, of course) and it’s encouraging to see their chapter activities and involvement progress.

We are extremely fortunate to have so many global members who give up their valuable time for the benefit of our Association. It’s the efforts of these people, with the support of our Head Office, that has brought us this far, and I’m encouraged by the willingness of those individuals that will go the extra mile and make a difference. We’re continuing to strengthen our common links between members and other professional colleagues and we are broadening our industry platform, driven by the collective goal of raising industry standards. It’s very clear that members with passion inspire other members.

As many of you are aware; Industry Collaboration has remained one of my key objectives in developing our Association’s strengths and I was recently encouraged by Paul Morrell’s recent report and views on the Collaboration for Change Edge Report and the urgent need for professions to come together. He quotes that certain organisations need to collaborate far more to provide more unity for members and service to clients and companies, otherwise there is a severe danger of them becoming irrelevant in the next ten years. His report also recommends bodies work together on strategies to tackle and improve skills, the performance of buildings and to draw up a code of ethics to ensure they act in the public interest. Sean Tompkins, chief executive of the RICS, said: ‘If professions are to remain relevant in an ever more interconnected and technologically advanced world, they need to work together more closely’. Clearly, working with fellow Professionals will develop greater technical and ethical standards whilst building a professional capacity for the public good.

I am heartened by this in more ways than one. At CABE we have now built up a collaborative structure and platform with other organisations and bodies. We are sharing our visions of how best to improve efficiency and developing policies, industry capabilities and the skills necessary to respond to the impact of the built environment. Improving the building performance divide and developing common metrics whilst standardising a national code of conduct/ethics across the built environment professions, building upon our shared experiences both in the UK and internationally, and we are developing an education and competence structure for the benefit of our industry. Clearly, we are a leading example for good in our industry!

This report is a valuable reminder for our whole industry of the need to adapt in rapidly changing times, and that our professional bodies need to keep up.

CABE events 

Our members continue to do a fantastic job in developing close regional relationships and I hope this continues over the many years to follow, and over the past few weeks recent conferences have been well supported in Cambridge and Maidstone; two events I had the opportunity to attend and deliver key presentations on achieving a safer industry standard.

Quality and safety were the main themes of the events and the varied presentations highlighted a need for better industry performance standards and better-quality control throughout industry.

It was interesting meeting members of the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) who exhibited at both events, an organisation I was intrigued to know more about having not come across them before on my travels and it was something new many attendees showed a great lot of interest in. 

They were created around ten years ago to provide a home for residential surveyors who either could not, or did not wish, to be part of the ‘traditional community’. As they have evolved they have obviously become more of a complementary Association, instead of being just an exclusive alternative, and many of their members hold membership of a number of relevant organisations. The significant difference between the RPSA and some other organisations is that they appear to be focusing on helping independent surveyors develop their own businesses and create their own market opportunities, while providing support, products and services. Clearly the RPSA is an interesting alternative and members should pay them a visit for discussion at forthcoming buildeng events which they will be attending; I’m sure members will be pleasantly surprised, as I was, at the opportunities available.

Gift PP April 2019

The officers’ training day was my next attendance, a great event which provides a perfect opportunity to catch up with all regional officers and to discuss the many regional challenges, opportunities, and events for the forthcoming year. Their enthusiasm and commitment to better the regional availabilities and choices for members is to be commended, and well done to all.   

At the Maidstone event, I was totally surprised and humbled to receive a presentation from Michael Wadood, Chairman of the Southern Region. This being my last event attendance in the UK before I hand over to the President-elect in May, I was presented with the biography of Sir Edward Lutyens, an inspirational figure in the DNA of our Association. It was an enormous honour to receive this. I had no Idea at this time that there had only been seven presidents throughout our history that had served two years or more as president, and to be included in this prestigious number is a huge privilege and compliment – thank you all.

Next month is my final Journal page so, whilst I enjoy a glass of wine and prepare for our conference in Hong Kong, until then.

Best regards,





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