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1 February 2018


Q: Please give details of your education and qualifications:
A: – BSc (Hons) in Building Studies
– Post Grad diploma in Building Surveying
– C.Build E MCABE.

Q: Where are you based?
A: I live just outside Newbury, but my work is based in and around the mainly rural Basingstoke borough.

Q: Please describe your current role:
A: I work at Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council in the role of Building Control Surveyor. We are responsible for undertaking technical and professional work for the Building Control Service to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations and associated legislation is met.

Q: Please provide a brief outline of your career so far:
A: After I left full time education, I initially worked for small, private practice local building surveying firms, gaining mixed experience of preparing plans for planning/building regulations submission and differing aspects of building surveying, before switching to Local Authority Building Control, where I have now had over 12 years’ experience.

Q: Have you worked on any unusual or high-profile projects?
A: I once attended a fire at a local school gymnasium which had quickly spread into a storage void, and I had to make an instant decision whether it was safe for the fire service to enter to aggressively attack the fire. Despite steelwork to the roof being distorted from the heat, I decided it was safe to enter, and the fire was eventually put out, saving the building and Hampshire County Council potentially millions.

Q: What attracted you to become registered as a member of the CABE?
A: The ABE (as it was known) has always been relevant to my professional career and I was an Associate for many years; however, taking the step to becoming a member became more attractive once it gained Chartered status. I have always been impressed with the resources available, such as CPD training, monthly magazine, webinars and, more recently, supporting Southern CABE regional CPD events.

I also like the fact that the CABE is recognised internationally, with members worldwide and the Association encompasses many diverse sectors.

Q: Please detail your experience of the professional interview process:
A: On the day, it was, of course, a nervous wait, but upon entering the interview room I was immediately put at ease and generally felt comfortable. The questioning was specific to my role and encouraged discussion, but all the while a professional approach was maintained.
I was even asked at the end if I felt my interview had been fair; so I left the room genuinely feeling like I could have aired any issues with the panel if I’d had any (which I didn’t!)
Despite my nerves, I found the entire process a very positive experience.

Q: What advice would you give someone considering professional registration with the CABE?
A: Given recent events, it is likely that membership of a Chartered body would be a good benchmark to define professional competency and joining the CABE shows a level of professionalism and commitment to working to the highest standards.
The process to interview is robust but, ultimately, they are looking for the best in you, so provided you can demonstrate a high level of relevant competence, you should be fine.

Q: Any other interesting information or comments that you would like to include?
A: I was fortunate enough to have two colleagues who had recently become CABE members, so they could share their experience of the professional interview. We even arranged a ‘mock’ interview, which gave me good insight of what to expect with regard to the process and questioning. The outcome was a positive experience for both my colleagues and the interviewers, as well as for me.

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