Vice-President's Page June 2019

1 June 2019

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Report from Vice-President, Stewart McArthur

It is with great honour and privilege that I write this, my first Vice-President’s page.

Firstly, I would like to thank all those who voted in January, which seems so long ago. I would especially like to thank those who voted and helped in my campaign. Although I won the race, I look forward to working with Bobby Chakravarthy in the advancement of CABE.

I am in the position of being the first Scot/Gael to be in this post, since we became a Chartered organisation; although I believe we have had some previously, which to me shows the diversity of our professional body.

Can I also say a big thank you to David Courtney for his help and assistance on the Board for the last three years and I look forward to working with the current Board and its new members, Richard Flynn and Jake Simpson, in the forthcoming years to take our Association forward. If you as a member have issues, please feel free to contact me on any of the social media formats or by e-mail. Can I also thank my employer Q Assure for allowing me time and help to achieve this – a proactive business with a belief in its staff.

Since being elected I have had the pleasure of interviewing like-minded professionals to achieve their chartered status. This was enlightening, as I can see the crop of members who wish to promote themselves to professional status and take the organisation forward. I would encourage all new members and, indeed, existing members to become involved with your local region and give strength through numbers.

I have also sat on the disciplinary panel, which gives a different perspective on our Association. This shows that we take all issues seriously, and I would say that this demonstrates how we are taking the organisation forward as befits a professional body.

As I write this page. I have just come back home from the inauguration of Ant Burd as the new CABE President. Andrew Turiff and I left at 5.00 am to travel to London. The weather was great and the House of Lords beckoned. A very friendly taxi driver dropped us off at the front of the building at 10.50, so for once on time. At the lunch I met some of the past Presidents of the organisation; they provided me with some sound advice on my next four years. It is a great honour to follow these individuals and to see them still involved with the organisation. It was great to hear David Taylor’s speech, I would like at this point, to express my thanks for David’s contribution to the Association. I look forward to working with him over the next year within the management group. Ant gave a positive speech on his targets and issues to be addressed; again I look forward to actioning these issues with him. I would also like to thank my other  Vice-President, Jayne Hall, for her guidance on this page; hopefully I will get better at these. Finally on this, thanks To Lord Lytton for his involvement and to the staff for their organisation of the event.

From my election address you will all be aware of some of the areas I would like to be involved in. So, in this page can I remind you of the homeless figures just published by the government! We need to use our knowledge and abilities to take this forward. I would hope that the Association will be proactively involved with the politicians to develop some schemes to address these issues. We are supposed to be a first-world country and yet we cannot provide homes for our people.    

I would like to get involved with our politicians to work in partnership to try different ways to achieve this. We have many new and, indeed, old methods that need to be tried. We can, as one of the largest professional bodies, lead the way in this. But we cannot do it without your help and involvement. So please keep involved with your local region and if I can help or if you need me at regional meetings please get in touch.  

By the time of publishing this I will have attended the buildeng Scotland and my first Board meeting as Vice-President, at which I will receive my chain of office. We will have some updates on my next page. I will also be presenting at buildeng Northern on 19 June if you would like to talk.

I look forward to being an active Vice-President and visiting all the regions in my time in office.


Stewart McArthur Bsc(Hons) C.Build E VPCABE FCABE

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