CABE new Code of Professional Conduct

Professional behaviour and conduct sits at the heart of the work of all Building Engineers.Code of Professional Conduct

The newly published CABE Code of Professional Conduct sets out clear standards for CABE members to follow, and against which complaints will be measured.

The Code is now in force as of 15th May 2019. Any complaint which relates to matters which take place after this date will be assessed against these new standards.

The CABE Code of Professional Conduct is supported by the CABE Guide To Ethical Professionalism which provides common examples of how the Codes key standards relate to day-to-day circumstances.

Whilst the content of the Guide may be taken into account in any disciplinary hearings, failure to follow every aspect does not necessarily indicate that a member has breached the standards set out in the Code.

The Guide to Ethical Professionalism is also in force as of 15th May 2019. 

Complaints prior to 15 May 2019

Complaints prior to 15th May 2019 will be assessed against the old Rules of Professional Conduct.