Accredited Universities

The Association is currently inviting Academic Institutes (colleges and universities) to submit their documentation for accreditation and re-accreditation of their courses.

Accredited University

Accreditation Process:

  • Register as an Academic Affiliate and nominate a member of staff as the liaison person. You will receive a membership certificate upon approval of the affiliate application
  • Send in the submission of intent for accreditation, accompanied by full supporting documentation including programme titles, programmes details, academic and quality procedures, research details
  • A panel will review and feedback on the submitted documentation
  • Any further supporting information will be requested for submission 
  • A site visit will be arranged to view resources and meet with members of the team and students
  • Following the visit feedback will be provided and a proposed decision given
  • Once accreditation has been awarded, a certificate issued. Accreditation is valid for 5 years, after this time a re-application will be required
  • Upon confirmation, an entry of the accredited/recognised awards will be placed on the Association’s website with a link to the Academic Institutions website and the decision will be included within Building Engineer.
  • Accreditation will include a maintained liaison and participation between the Academic Institution and the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.
Any queries relating to the accreditation of courses should be directed to the Central Services Department on 01604 404121.

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