Member Conduct

CABE new Code of Professional Conduct

As of 15th May 2019 the new CABE Code of Professional Conduct is in force for all CABE Members.

HelpComplaints regarding Conduct

Chartered Association of Building Engineers obliges its members to operate to the high professional standards demonstrated at the time of their admission into the Association by requiring them to abide by a rigorous code of professional conduct

Ask for reassurance

It may be that you want to check that someone carrying out work for you is a member as they claim to be. Give us a call and we’ll let you know if they are a member and at what grade. We can’t give out specific personal information however we can hopefully provide you with enough information to reassure you of their professional skills.

What if I have concerns?

We pride ourselves on the quality and high standards of our members and their professionalism within the industry and we take any instances where these standards are not maintained seriously. If you feel that one of our members is acting unprofessionally and/or not in line with our Code to Professional Conduct then please let us know.

The Code of Professional Conduct came into force on 15th May 2019. If the event happens before this date please refer to the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Why are we interested?

As a professional body, it is our job to maintain the highest levels of conduct of all Building Engineers to ensure that they are practising to the required standards and upholding not only their reputation, but the reputation of the CABE.

How do I complain?

If you have a complaint to make, you should always contact the Member concerned first and deal with your complaint through their company's, or employer's, Complaints Handling Procedure and we would expect any member to attempt to resolve any issues themselves, however if you don’t feel this would be appropriate, or matters have developed beyond this then please talk it through with us.

In some cases, the service provided by a CABE Member is subject to legal provisions and/or regulated by other bodies, for instance when our Members act as Expert Witnesses or are appointed as Approved Inspectors. If that is the case, then the matter should be referred to the courts or appropriate regulating body in the first instance.

If you feel that a member is practising unprofessionally, or is in breach of our Code of Professional Conduct (or Rules of Professional Conduct if it relates to an event prior to 15th May 2019), then please complete our online complaints form.

Need to take it further?

If you want/need to escalate the complaint, then we will need to receive your complaint in writing. This is so we can maintain a record on the member's file and to ensure the validity of the complaint.

In the first instance, we kindly request that you complete our online complaints form to provide information of your issue. 

Once we've received this, we will assess the details and contact you within 10 working days of receipt to discuss it and request any additional evidence, such as letters, e-mails, photographs etc that we may need to consider.

What can the CABE do?

CABE will endeavour to ensure that Members behave in a professional manner and adhere to our rules and regulations. Where Members fall short of the standards expected of them, CABE can take appropriate action to ensure the risk of further transgression is minimised.

CABE only has powers to deal with Member's breaches of the Association's Bye-Laws, and Code of Professional Conduct.  

What will we do about it?

Once a complaint is made we will investigate it. This will include contacting the member, and asking for their views and any evidence they may wish to present., it will also give them the opportunity to respond to any matters that you have raised.

A report will then be prepared and, where members have acted contrary to the Code of Professional Conduct, a disciplinary panel may be convened to hear the matter.

How will the outcome of the complaint be determined?

If it is clear that there may be a case to answer then a disciplinary panel made up of members of the Association will review all of the evidence provided and if necessary hold a hearing to determine the appropriate sanction.

Whilst part of CABEs’ role is to offer consumer protection and maintain professional standards we cannot award compensation or force our Members to do anything – or refrain from doing anything – even if that means they are in breach of CABE Rules or Regulations. It is important that you realise that any action that the CABE takes may not resolve the underlying issue. We can only investigate matters that relate to breaches of our Code or Regulations and take appropriate action in relation to the Member's continuing membership of the CABE.

What can’t we do?
  • Deal with concerns or complaints about anyone who is not a Member of CABE (other than those claiming to be members who are not entitled to do so); or
  • Pay compensation or instruct a Member to do so; or
  • Determine whether a Member has acted negligently (this is for the courts to decide);
  • Interfere with or become involved in court action against a Member; or
  • Deal with any matter where no evidence can be provided to substantiate the complaint.