Why Use a Building Engineer?

Who can help?

Whether you are a homeowner looking to alter or extend your home or a company looking for advice in relation to building including fire, access or energy efficiency then a Building Engineer will be able to assist you.

Building Engineers are Professionals who design, construct, evaluate and maintain buildings. Their work includes both technical and management processes by which buildings are designed, constructed, renewed and maintained. This involves them in activities including site investigations, building inspections and surveys, assessment against standards, project design, plan preparation, cost evaluations, contract procedures, project management, and deciding which construction methods and materials to use.

The Building Engineer's expertise includes a detailed understanding of statutory regulations, and technical codes and standards and the need for sustainable buildings.

In many areas of Building Engineering such as Fire Risk Assessment, Energy Assessment and Access Auditing there is a requirement in legislation for competent persons to be appointed to carry out these roles and CABE members qualified in these areas would be considered competent.

Qualified members of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers will have a level of competence which has been assessed and accepted against rigorous standards. Building Engineers are qualified to deal with a range of matters relating to the design, construction, evaluation and maintenance of buildings and will often specialise in key areas within Building Engineering, whilst maintaining an understanding of all aspects of the profession.

The description of Chartered Building Engineer was granted to the Chartered Association of Building Engineers in 2013. A Royal Charter is granted under the Royal prerogative and is therefore effectively the equivalent of an Act of Parliament in its legal effect. 

Therefore the granting of the post nominal C.Build E is exclusively within the power of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. 

Furthermore, the Chartered Association of Building Engineers has the right through legal action to prohibit any other organisation from awarding the title and any person from using the title unless authorised to do so by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers which sets and promotes high standards of competency and conduct.