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Important Note

The CABE complaints process enables complaints to be raised about individual members of the Association with the objective of ensuring that professional standards are maintained and the Code of Conduct for members is adhered to. The CABE complaints process does not provide for financial penalties against members or the awarding of costs or financial redress to complainants. 

Before You Begin

Complaints relating to matters prior to 15th May 2019 will be assessed against the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Matters relating to matters which took place after 15th May 2019 will be assessed against the Code of Professional Conduct.

Complaints can only be considered where a breach of the Code of Conduct (or the Rules prior to 15th May 2019) has occurred.

In particular the Association cannot:

    • Deal with concerns or complaints about anyone who is not a Member of CABE (other than those claiming to be members who are not entitled to do so); or
    • Pay compensation or instruct a Member to do so; or
    • Determine whether a Member has acted negligently (this is for the courts to decide);
    • Interfere with or become involved in civil or criminal court action against a Member; or
    • Deal with any matter where no evidence can be provided to substantiate the complaint.

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CABE can only consider complaints after the Members own complaints procedure has been exhausted or if a member is refusing to deal with a complaint. 

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Complaints can only be accepted where an Member is alleged to have breached one or more aspects of the Code of Conduct. Please indicate what elements of the Code of Conduct you believe the Member has breached. Your complaint will be assessed in relation to these elements. 

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This complaint will be passed over to the relevant department, who will contact you for more details.