Why Become a Chartered Environmentalist?

Becoming a Chartered Environmentalist is an excellent way of recognising virtuosity in environmental management and sustainability, and embraces a wide range of disciplines. 

The designation benefits all concerned with the environment:

  • The Public, who can be confident in the knowledge and competence of an environmental practitioner
  • Practitioners by identification as a professionally qualified environmentalist that puts them at the forefront of their profession
  • Employers, with confirmation of the professional ability and competence of employees and candidates
  • Governments and governmental bodies seeking to appoint advisers or consultants will be assured of an individual's competence
  • Professional bodies, who will be able to benchmark the qualification for membership purposes
  • Higher Education, in setting and monitoring benchmarks for environmental courses, and promoting study programmes
  • Regulatory Bodies, who could be confident in specifying the CEnv designation in Acts of Parliament and regulations
  • Legal creditability, enabling expert witness participation at a defined standard
  • Professional standing, recognising the quality of excellence across a wide range of environmental disciplines.

Cenv Application

Cenv Spec

CEnv Competency