Annual Subscription Fees

The annual subscription year runs from 1st September to 31st August each year, however, we welcome new Members at any point during the year.

From 1st January 2020 we are introducing a new grade of Membership aligned to our new Competency Framework - Chartered Member. The fees for this will be £263 (UK and Ireland) and £230 (Overseas).


1st September 2019 – 31st August 2020
UK Subscriptions
Overseas Subscriptions
Chartered Fellow £283.00                     Chartered Overseas Fellow £255.00
Member Chartered Building Engineer £275.00 Overseas Member Chartered Building Engineer £245.00
Graduate £225.00 Overseas Graduate £175.00
Associate £210.00 Overseas Associate £175.00
Technician £150.00 Overseas Technician £155.00
Student - Free whilst studying Student - Free whilst studying
Retired £75.00

Retired £75.00 


Please note that an additional, non-refundable, £55 + VAT adminisation fee is payable on application for all grades on joining, except Students.

Applicants also need to consider any additional costs such as Professional Interviews when applying for membership.

For members wishing to upgrade their member will have to pay an non-refundable administration fee of £55.


When you apply online you will be prompted to pay an administation fee of £55 + VAT. In order to progress your Membership, this fee must be paid. If you are unable to pay online, then you can make payment via cheque (drawn on a UK bank) made payable to the CABE or via bank transfer. 

Income Tax Relief

For those liable for UK Income Tax, the annual subscription is allowable as a deductible expense for the purpose of schedule E Assessment subject to the usual rules. Tax ReliefReference: T1644/04/2014. The subscription is UK VAT exempt.

Membership Forms and Downloads