Application Process

Start your route to membership of the CABE now by applying online!

Complete the form below with the relevant information and we'll assess your application. Upon submission of the form, you will be required to pay a non-refundable £50 application fee*. You will then be contacted by the Membership Team who will discuss the most appropriate entry route with you.

We welcome applications for all grades of membership.

We will endeavour to review your membership application within the next ten working days. Please ensure that you have competed all the parts of the application form including uploading your CV and making payment for the application fee to avoid delaying the application. You can LOG BACK IN using the same username and password to make additions to your application at any time.

If you've any questions regarding applying, please contact our Membership Team on 01604 404121.

*applications for Student membership are exempt from this fee.

Please note, this form must be completed in English. 

Due to the nature of the membership process, you are not able to apply using a mobile device.