Benevolent Fund

The aim of the Benevolent Fund is to assist members/former members of the CABE, and/or their dependents should they find themselves in difficulty and in need of help and support.

Who may benefit?
  • Members
  • Retired members
  • Family members or dependants of the above
  • Former members and dependants of deceased members who have had 15 years' continuous membership or more. 
How can the fund help?

Examples of areas in which the CABE Benevolent Fund can offer assistance:

  • Unemployment due to ill health or accidents
  • Modifications to the home
  • Separation of families 
  • Bereavement
  • Difficulties in retirement
  • Financial loans
  • Following flood or fire
  • Industrial accidents. 

We can also offer advice and provide contact details of other organisations that may be able to help if we are unable to provide the services needed.

What is The CABE Benevolent Fund?

Ben fundThe CABE Benevolent Fund is an independent, Registered Charity founded in 1963 under the name ‘The IAAS Benevolent Fund’. The change of name came about when The Incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors (IAAS) changed its name to The Association of Building Engineers (ABE) in February 1993 and then to the Chartered Association of Building Engineers in December 2013.

The Fund is administered under a Scheme approved by the Charity Commissioners which provides for the appointment of Trustees who are members of the CABE.

Support us

Much of the help the charity is able to provide is made possible by donations, legacies, gift aid and the fund-raising activities of CABE members.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who continue to support the CABE Benevolent Fund and allow us to offer support when it is most needed.

There are several ways for you to support the work of the Benevolent Fund:

Individual donations and Gift AidBen fund

A declaration for Gift Aid can be made to cover individual donations, a series of donations, donations made during a specified period or to cover all future donations. They can also be backdated for up to six years prior to the date of the declaration with the proviso that the donation was made after the 06 April 2000.

Donations are treated as if the donor had already deducted basic rate tax from them. The charity is able to reclaim this tax to increase the value of a donation.

Making your Will

You may consider making a bequest to the Fund in your Will. The bequest can be in several ways which are briefly outlined below:

  • Reversionary Legacy
    Where the donor leaves the income from the Estate to one or more persons, upon whose death the Estate will pass to the Fund.
  • A Residuary Legacy
    The donor bequeaths the residue of the Estate to the Fund once all expenses, tax, legacies and bequests have been distributed.
  • A Pecuniary Legacy
    Where a specific sum of money is bequeathed to the Fund. You may wish to consider these options and discuss them with your advisor

Ben fund

Contact us

If you are, or know someone who is, in need of help or would like more information about the support and services offered by the Fund, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the methods below.*

All enquiries are confidential and will be dealt in a professional manner by our friendly staff.

* Please note that it may be possible for a home visit to be arranged if you would prefer to talk to someone in the comfort of your own home.

The Clerk to the Trustees
The CABE Benevolent Fund
Lutyens House
Billing Brook Road
Weston Favell

Tel: 01604 404121
Fax: 01604 784220
Registered Charity No. 232114

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