Graduate Portfolio Diary Route

This route is designed for those who have recently Graduated with a relevant qualification who are working within the industry and are a current Graduate Member of the CABE with at least one year’s relevant experience.

Candidates are required to register on the Graduate Portfolio Route and start to build an experience-based portfolio, over a minimum period of one year before attending a Professional Interview.

2019 Interview and Submission Dates

To secure an interview date, please book online and ensure your completed submission is sent to the CABE Head Office, NO LATER THAN: 

Submission Date

Interview Date


20th February 2019 17th April 2019 - 2 Spaces Scotland
27th February 2019 24th April 2019 - FULL CABE HQ
22 March 2019  15th May 2019 - FULL Swindon 
27th March 2019  22nd May 2019 - FULL CABE HQ 
22nd April 2019  17th June 2019 - FULL Leeds
24th April 2019  19th June 2019 - 3 Spaces CABE HQ
7th May 2019 2nd July 2019 - 9 Spaces CABE HQ
22nd May 2019
22nd May 2019
17th July 2019 - 10 Spaces
17th July 2019 - 9 Spaces
25th June 2019 20th August 2019 - 9 Spaces Ipswich
26th June 2019  21st August 2019 - 8 Spaces CABE HQ
24th July 2019  18th September 2019 - FULL CABE HQ
26th August 2019  23rd October 2019 - 8 Spaces  CABE HQ
25th September 2019  20th November 2019 - 10 Spaces CABE HQ
14th October 2019  11th December 2019 - 6 Spaces  CABE HQ


We advise that you read the Guidance Notes to accompany the Application for Chartered Membership via Professional Interview in full before submitting.
Please note that any incomplete submissions will be returned and could result in your interview date being postponed.

Interviews are allocated on a strict first come basis, so we would encourage you to submit your application in advance of the submission date to avoid disappointment.

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If you require any additional support after you have read the guidelines, please contact the Professional Interview Team or call +44 (0)1604 404121.

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