Membership Benefits ShoutoutTechnician membership allows you to demonstrate your experience and learn best practice to further your career through access to a global network of members and a range of benefits.

Why become a Technician Member?

  • Gives you the credibility of being associated with a professional body
  • Enables you to access Building Engineer journal and benefit from membership discount schemes
  • Gives you access to a range of networking opportunities and training through our regional networks
  • Gives you access to careers resources
  • Demonstrates your commitment and professionalism to potential employers and will differentiate you from others when you are seeking employment
  • Technician membership supports career progression and is the first stepping stone on the route to Chartered Membership.


Individuals must: 

  • hold an NVQ Level 2/3 qualification in the Built Environment or equivalent
  • be engaged in work within the construction industry 


Any Technician member who obtains a higher qualification could be eligible to upgrade to Graduate or Associate levels of membership.

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