Association Briefing April 2019

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This is my first Association Briefing since joining CABE in July 2018; and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ongoing development journey of the Association.

My first nine months have been spent developing CABE’s internal processes, ensuring that they are compliant and all our management procedures are modern and up-to-date; particularly with the implementation of GDPR and the requirement to ensure all our systems provide strict regulated controls on the personal data we hold in relation to our members. 

We have taken time to assess our internal skill sets and the organisational structures required to deliver a highly professional, member focused service. We have created and implemented: auditable procedures, an internal code of conduct, new HR processes and detailed corporate governance procedures in relation to Whistleblowing and Anti-Bribery & Corruption policies. This work provides you with the confidence that the Association’s internal operational management systems are robust, up-to-date and follow all the necessary guidance on excellence in Corporate Governance and ensures delivery of the Engineering Council’s criteria for excellence in reporting.

The next phase of our development is aligned to four key projects:

The first is to implement a re-branding of CABE. This will give us a new modern look and feel; we will be able to provide fresh marketing materials and create exciting visuals to promote our development. Following a thorough tendering process we have appointed a strategic re-branding company to examine our Values, Mission and how we present ourselves externally. Their first phase was to conduct detailed research into the views and opinions of a wide range of people and they carried out comparisons of how we are perceived externally against other comparable Associations. Following this research, they presented to the CABE Board to ascertain how they wished to see the Association moving forward and the final aspect will be a presentation of three options for the Board to consider in June. We expect the re-branding visuals will be completed in the summer, at which point we will be working on the implementation plan to bring the new brand to life and anticipate communicating this to all members in the final quarter of the year.

The second project is the launch of our new competency frameworks, new code of conduct and new disciplinary procedures, all of which Richard Harral, our Technical Director, is spending time communicating with our members.

The third is new IT infrastructure internally within CABE as currently our staff are working on old versions of Word with hardware and software that is out of date. This will enable our staff to have modern equipment and software that supports modern techniques of working and enhances our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with our members.

Finally, the most exciting project is the implementation of our new Association Management Software. This is where our support for our members will take a real step change in modern communications; a state-of-the-art members’ platform will enable our ability to drive improvements and structures around the management of membership. All parts of the platform are fully responsive and mobile enabled; it will enable our members to access information from a formal perspective, but also to ensure an online community to share best practice, knowledge, access special interest groups and communities. We will be able to create tailored services and enable regional communities to develop their own groups to enhance the use of local information as well as national information. We believe this will drive excellence in the services we can offer, in how we communicate with our members and how they can communicate with each other.

As CABE develops, our aim is to continue to support members across all aspects of their working environment and during this time of uncertainty; from whichever direction you look; the question of professional standards and competency is continually discussed. The current and new competency frameworks and codes of practice are largely built around the technical aspects of being a Building Engineer, but as many of you will be aware there are a large number of management skills required across all the differing professions in which our members work. To date, the priority on tools and training of these has been largely seen as low. We will be asking members whether you would value CABE’s involvement in developing a suite of tools and training in these management skills and will assess how we can offer you the opportunity to increase and enhance your management skills in this complex and fast-changing industry.

We are continually assessing what services we can provide and over the coming months we will be looking at a membership survey and a Q&A to all members asking for your views and comments on what future activities and services you would find valuable. 

Communicating with our members that adds value to our service, to you, is vital to our success and I look forward over the coming months to keeping you informed on our key projects, key developments and implementation of new ways of working.

The future of the Association is exciting and rewarding and our Executive team is dedicated to delivering excellence in service to all members.

Jackie Macaulay

Chief Operating Officer

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