Association Briefing June 2017

AB Feb 17The Association has seen a high level of activity over the recent months. Membership development and membership engagement is also a core part of what we deliver on a day-to-day basis. Membership recruitment has been successful due to a proactive approach which has involved targeting members at all grades both nationally and internationally. I would like to inform you what the Membership Team has been working on behind the scenes. 

The latter part of 2016 I visited a large number of universities to educate students about the importance of membership and how it can add value and assist in developing their careers. As a result of this student membership has grown and closer working partnerships have been developed with universities, regions and members who have supported CABE by providing CPD talks and events. This type of activity is crucial for the Association’s future growth as students are the future talent and pipeline for membership. I would urge CABE Academic Partners to encourage their graduating students to contact the membership team so they can be upgraded to graduate membership and all students to become student members. 

The membership team has also been involved in ensuring members are at the correct grade through a range of activities including upgrade campaigns. This enables members to enjoy a range of benefits and to ensure they are focused towards becoming Chartered. We shall be undertaking a further upgrade campaign this month. 

The membership team has undertaken two sets of research: one, to understand the value of becoming Chartered and two, to gain a deeper understanding of members’ views regarding the professional interview process. Both sets of research have produced positive results and the findings will be published in July’s Building Engineer Journal. In brief, members feel that becoming a Chartered Building Engineer results in increased earnings, increased credibility and assists in securing new business and the professional interview process was clear, precise and professional.  

The demand for Chartered membership has grown due to the CABE Chartered Membership status gaining increased recognition globally. As a result of this, we now offer professional interviews regionally and on an international basis in Hong Kong; we shall be expanding this opportunity to all Chapters in the near future. I do urge those of you who are looking to attend a professional interview to book your date online as soon as possible.

I have also been visiting a number of organisations from councils through to private companies to devise professional development strategies with senior executives whose staff are required to gain Chartered status. This has resulted in presentations and group consultations with staff to educate about the value and the routes to becoming Chartered Members. The feedback received has been very positive and resulted in encouraging applications. It has been noted that the CABE staff have a friendly approach and are very supportive throughout the application process. 

The demand for a Company based membership has increased and organisations have been requesting this type of membership to portray that they are working in partnership with CABE. As a result of this I shall be launching a Company Partner membership in the near future. If you are interested in such a partnership, please contact me directly. 

I have also attended a range of meetings through the CIC Diversity Panel and have gained an understanding about the issues the built environment is tackling. The key issue identified is the need for education on the importance for diversity and inclusion. CABE is a member of WISE and encourages all members to participate in WISE activities. 

Our recently re-launched benefits offer has seen a high uptake with positive feedback from our members. CABE offers its members a wide range of benefits alongside the different routes to become Chartered. Our leadership within the built environment relies upon our members to tackle issues including the skills shortage, competent staff and diversity. I have observed the hard work our members have put in by participating in regional committees and our national chapters. CABE’s growth has led to a new chapter in the USA with further chapters being launched shortly in Qatar and Abu Dhabi. We need to ensure we increase the current momentum and to drive this forward I appeal to our network of members to recommend as many colleagues or contacts to join in order to increase membership and strengthen our voice within the built environment. We do reward for such recommendations through our Member Recruit Member Scheme. 

I will close my briefing by saying I am always happy to speak to members to ensure that we are meeting members’ needs and to find ways to partner with you to develop and grow membership. 

Tony Ginda

Membership Development Director