Recognising Excellence and Achievements within the field of the Built Environment and Building Engineering

Recognising Excellence and Achievements within the field of the Built Environment and Building Engineering Image

The Built Environment Awards recognise excellence and achievements within the field of the Built Environment and Building Engineering.

The 2017 CABE Built Environment Awards were held as part of the Association's Annual Conference and Exhibition on 18 October 2017 at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire. 

Over 170 guests enjoyed a gala dinner followed by an interesting and entertaining address by the evening's host, architect Charlie Luxton. A familiar face on television presenting programmes such as Building The Dream, Homes By The Sea and Homes By The Med (More 4) and Best Laid Plans (Channel 4), Charlie’s focus is on green-living, sustainable architecture and the role climate change has in altering the built environment.

Entry to the awards is open to an organisation, individual or project where there has been substantial involvement of a CABE member. The subject of the nomination for the award will have demonstrated a range of Building Engineering skills through invention, research, design, education or other related activity and has produced a leading edge, innovative and exemplary project which was completed in the previous year.

The CABE Built Environment Awards are really crucial because architecture and building is facing an enormous challenge in terms of suitability, in terms of the housing crisis and, in terms of the technical demands of the new technologies coming into the industry. Showing the way with good examples is the best way that I know in order to bring the general standard up. Everyone wants to do as well as they can and the more examples they’ve got of the different way of achieving that, the better it is for everyone. 

One of the strengths of CABE is that it’s a multi-discipline organisation so people from all different areas in the building industry are coming together to talk. And that’s a real strength as we have to get out of our silos and start having those conversations to get best-practice and if we start doing that, everyone is going to benefit.
Charlie Luxton, Architect & TV Personality

The Awards are overseen by the Awards Panel that comprises industry experts who provide a wealth of knowledge over a wide-ranging field of expertise.

For 2017, the panel chose to award in three categories: New Build, Preservation & Conservation and Sustainability. 

New Build Award - Kimmeridge Trust 2017

2017 New Build Award Winner

The Kimmeridge Trust for 'The Etches Collection'

The Awards Panel felt that this project exceeded the submission criteria in the areas of Regulatory Compliance, Sustainability and Innovation.

2017 Preservation & Conservation Award Winner

Aleks Simic - Simic Associates for '100 High Street'

The Awards Panel found this submission to cover all of the assessment criteria for consideration.

Preservation & Conservation Award 2017This large-scale project demonstrated excellence in relation to innovation and Aleks was able to create and maintain a teamwork spirit conducive to producing a quality product with the joiners, masons and conservationists working on the project.

2017 Sustainability Award Winner

South West College for 'CREST - Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies

The Association’s Awards Panel felt that the CREST project clearly demonstrated excellence when it comes to sustainability through all of its ratings and awards.

Sustainability Award 2017

The CREST Centre showcases how technology can be integrated into energy-efficient buildings.

The CREST pavilion building has the purpose of being a demonstration building for the pioneering design principals and construction methods adopted in it. It is an exemplary working model for other construction schemes.



Information on the 2018 Built Environment Awards will be available shortly. If you've been involved in a project and would like to express an interest in submitting a nomination, e-mail us and we'll send this to you once available. 

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