CABE Launches 2016 Awards

CABE Launches 2016 Awards Image

The Chartered Association of Building Engineers has launched a number of Built Environment Awards to be presented in 2016. 

Covering the areas of New Build, Maintenance, Fire Safety, Sustainability and Preservation/Conservation, this suite of awards spans many crucial areas of the Built Environment.

Entry is open to an organisation, individual or project where there has been substantial involvement of a CABE member. The subject of the nomination for the award will have demonstrated a range of Building Engineering skills, through invention, research, design, education or other related activity and has produced a leading edge, innovative and exemplary project which has been completed in the previous year.

Our 2016 Awards offer the perfect platform to showcase your work to fellow professionals and colleagues and gain industry wide recognition. 

If you are interesting in entering your project for any of the above awards, please view the Qualification for Nomination and Award Submission Guidance Notes before completing the Registration Form.  

Additional enquiries should be directed to Kate Ilott, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) on 01604 404121.

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