CABE publishes new Code of Conduct

CABE publishes new Code of Conduct Image

As professionals and Building Engineers, CABE members already behave in a way that is respectful and open-minded. They think clearly about the implications of any decisions they make on people, safety and the environment. Living up to high standards of professional behaviour distinguishes CABE members as professionals with complex technical skills and knowledge – leaders in the industry.

Expectations of the Construction Industry are constantly changing and to help our members in enhancing their reputation as highly skilled Building Engineers, CABE has published a revised Code of Professional Conduct which is now in force as of 15 May 2019.

The new Code sets out what is always expected of all Building Engineers in terms of their ongoing membership and the key tenets of professional behaviour – acting professionally, managing risk responsibly, ensuring competency and promoting sustainability.

The new code is supported by an entirely new Guide to Ethical Professionalism which expands on these themes and gives common examples on how issues might manifest in day-to-day work activities.

These important new documents have been developed to emphasise the critical role Building Engineers play in building an industry where ethics are a consistent and valued part of decision-making and working environment. It is highly recommended that all CABE members read through the new Code of Professional Conduct and Guide to Professional Ethics so they can continue to contribute positively to excellence in the Built Environment. 

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