Celebrating 50 Years of Membership

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It was my absolute pleasure to attend an event celebrating 50 years of continuous membership by some of our most esteemed and longest serving members.  The event which took place at Highgate House in Northamptonshire on Friday 19th July, offered an opportunity for the management group and Chief Executive to meet with our very special guests over lunch.

This year saw the highest number of certificates presented for some time and whilst not all recipients were able to join us for the celebration in person we were delighted to be joined by the number of members.

As guests at the luncheon were regaled with tales of past experiences and shared their very different, but equally entertaining stories, it really did seem as though a group of old friends had reconvened to reflect on their own achievements alongside that of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

When organising an event such as this we are always mindful that time to recall the history of the Association is such an important part of who we are as we look to move forward and evolve.  The preservation of this history is very much at the forefront of the minds of the Executive Team as we have recently discovered a number of publications and artefacts here at Lutyens House which we hope to display for future generations of Building Engineers.

As I was reminded frequently throughout the day, when you are working in a career spanning the built environment for 50 years or more time can pass incredibly quickly, therefore, the need to reflect and take stock of how far you’ve come sometimes escapes you, but it is a useful tool in terms of shaping the future.

This is certainly something I will take away from the day and once again my congratulations to all those who received their certificates and thank you once again for your loyal service and for sharing your knowledge with your peers.

Sarah Sivyer

Member Services Director

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