Government Consultation on Building Regulations Now Online

Government Consultation on Building Regulations Now Online Image

DCLG have today launched a major consultation exercise in relation to Building Regulations and the Building Control System.Areas under consultation include Parts A,B,C,K,L,M,N and P as well as the system of Building Control.

The consultation is broken down into four sections:

Section One: Introduction to the consultation package and proposals on Parts A, B, C, K, M and N, Access Statements, security, Changing Places toilets and Regulation 7

Section Two: Part L (Conservation of fuel and power)

Section Three: Part P (Electrical safety - dwellings)

Section Four: The Building Control System

The Consultations close on 27th April 2012 (the website states 27 March for Part L) and the ABE wishes to forward a formal response on behalf of its members. If you wish your comments to be included in the ABE response please send them to Kevin Blunden.

View all current consultations here.

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