MHCLG searching for new RSH chair and board members

MHCLG searching for new RSH chair and board members Image

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is seeking to appoint a new Chair of the Board to the Regulators of Social Housing (RSH), along with three new board members. The deadlines for applications are 03 March 2019 and 17 February 2019 respectively.

The RSH has two distinct roles in relation to both economic and consumer regulation. The regulatory framework, which came into effect in April 2015, sets out both the requirements that providers must meet and the way in which the RSH must carry out its function. Its main function is to ensure that Private registered Providers, or Housing Associations, adhere to this regulatory framework and to set standards related to consumer regulation matters, mainly in relation to the services made available to tenants by registered providers.

The RSH Chair of the Board will be responsible for:

  • Leading the Board and establishing its overall strategic direction in line with its statutory objectives and functions
  • Ensuring that the strategic direction and operation of the RSH Board secures and maintains wide confidence in the viability and stability of the social housing sector both within Government, and with the sector’s funders
  • Representing the Regulator of Social Housing at the highest levels with key stakeholders in Government, and with bodies representing funder, provider and consumer interests and to the general public
  • Ensuring that the Board operates and exercises its functions in accordance with the highest standards of conduct and probity, and established good practice in decision making
  • Promoting the most effective and efficient use of resources
  • Ensuring that the Board members play a full and active role, including that they are appropriately briefed on their terms of appointment, their duties and their rights and responsibilities, undertaking appraisals of members and making recommendations to Ministers or MHCLG for re-appointments.

The Chair post attracts a remuneration of £65,000 per annum based on an attendance of 104 days per year, for a fixed initial period of up to 3 years.


The Board Members take decisions on matters such as:

  • Maintaining and developing the regulatory framework – to keep pace with changing sector risks and ensure an approach that can withstand emerging challenge.
  • Regulatory standards, strategy on the use of registration powers for both non-profit and profit-making organisations.
  • Strategy on enforcement and intervention.
  • Strategy on proactive economic regulation.
  • The use of financial and economic analysis, for example on the risk profile of the sector.
  • Delegation of regulatory functions.
  • Board members must act in accordance with the Seven Principles of Public Life.

The board posts attracts a remuneration of £11,000 per annum based on an attendance of 2 days per month.

You can find out more about becoming the Chair or a board member on the Centre for Public Appointments website. 

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