Nomination of ABE Regional Officers

Nomination of ABE Regional Officers Image

Each year the Association offers members the opportunity to stand for nomination and election on to Regional Committees.

Nomination forms have recently been sent out to all members and the closing dates for nominations are as follows:

South West 15 December 2011

Southern 07 December 2011

Eastern 12 December 2011

East Midlands 12 December 2011

West Midlands 12 December 2011

Wales 08 December 2011

North West 06 December 2011

Yorkshire & Humber 12 December 2011

Northern 09 December 2011

Northern Ireland 12 December 2011

Republic of Ireland 12 December 2011

Note: The deadline for nominations to the Scotland committee has passed and the AGM is taking place on 07 December 2011.

Should enough nominations be received to force a vote in any region, voting papers will be sent to members within the region and the result of the election will be announced at the regional AGM.

If you haven't received a nomination form and would like one, please contact Sarah Sivyer on 01604 404121.

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