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Our Macau chapter is growing and, following numerous meetings, we expect that growth to get stronger. Although Macau is a small island compared to Hong Kong, CABE is now benefiting from a growing presence as members from Hong Kong, China and Singapore are now developing professional connections with Macau and our members there.

During our visit to Macau Gavin Dunn CABE CEO, Tony Ginda, CABE Business Development Management, and I delivered presentations at the University of Science and Technology, and it was encouraging to discuss the Association’s objectives with many members in attendance.

Tony Ginda and Macua Chapter Chairman Danny Chan delivered talks to a packed room of industry professionals and students before I presented on our global industry being safer together, and with Raymond Wong, Programme Director for the School of Continuing Studies exchanging our establishment mementoes.

The Macau chapter, headed by Danny Chan the chapter chairman, is a great example of how to deliver on our goals of developing professionals and sharing knowledge. Their attitude and passion for CABE, the governance, the industry standing and professional growth is to be commended. They are a developing chapter with great leadership and supportive committed members, I’m sure they have a very bright future.

During our time in Macau we also managed to meet with the Macau Management Association, further developing and strengthening our relationships. This will no doubt become a fruitful relationship over the years to come.

Our future in Asia looks extremely healthy, but there will always be challenges to overcome and by working together, collaborating and sharing together we will get the best results. Essentially it’s important for us all to understand that Building Engineers of all specialisms do not just work with machines, designs, or buildings and to understand it does not only require good understanding of science and mathematics, it also needs to be understood socially. This is certainly a message which members in Macau and Asia as a whole, are delivering.

David Taylor
President of CABE

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