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January was indeed a busy month. From the 15th until the 21st Gavin Dunn and I, accompanied by David Ing of Fabrick, embarked on a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, building our member connections and promoting CABE at the Kuala Lumpur CABE Conference.

Our first day began with a breakfast meeting with our chapter chairman Isaac Sunder Rajan to discuss our packed agenda for the trip. The next few days would be extremely busy, so as much information we could obtain beforehand was invaluable.

Our first meeting was with AIMST University. The University have shown interest in the development of CABE in Malaysia for a while and their continued enthusiasm in developing a relationship with us was encouraging. We had a constructive meeting and, since our return, Gavin has been working with them to further develop this relationship.

Our next meeting was with Professor Dato Dr T Marimuthu at the Asian International Arbitration Centre, with whom we discussed CABE’s support for the publication of their standard form of contract. Dr Marimuthu also provided excellent feedback on CABE’s growth and recognition in Malaysia.

We rounded off the day by catching up with our colleagues over dinner. Attendees included Bert Munck, Secretary of the Malaysian Lighthouse Club, and Tay Hao Giang, world-renowned Fire Engineer and Vice-President of the Institute of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch, who I had the opportunity to meet the previous year and with whom I have stayed in touch. It was also a surprising pleasure to see Kimmy and Ivan, our chapter ambassadors from Hong Kong joining us.

The following day the Malaysian CABE Conference began and our CEO Gavin opened proceedings. The event theme of Pathways to Excellence had attracted a variety of industry speakers and there was clear passion for industry-wide change. The growth of the event from last year to this year was incredible to see and David Ing of Fabrick was kept extremely busy documenting the event on video and for social media.

Our future in Asia looks extremely healthy, but there will always be challenges to overcome and by working together, collaborating and sharing together we will get the best results. Essentially it’s important for us all to understand that Building Engineers of all specialisms do not just work with machines, designs, or buildings and to understand it does not only require good understanding of science and mathematics, it also needs to be understood socially. This is certainly a message which members in Malaysia and Asia as a whole, are delivering.

David Taylor
CABE President

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