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Dear Members,

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish all our members a happy new year, and I hope your new year continues to be successful, healthy and prosperous.

Time simply continues to fly by at a frightening pace and it only seems like yesterday since I wrote my last president’s page, but my journeys over the past weeks have continued where collaborating and engaging with industry professionals has remained high on my agenda. At a recent event I attended I delivered a key presentation on Safer Together, which embraces much of our industry values. Following this, in discussion, I was concerned to hear from an Associate Member that he had never come across the term of ‘Core Values’ and many of you will be aware that this is an objective I set myself to raise throughout my presidency.

PP Jan 19I believe this is a huge industry problem, and possibly an educational one also, and if an Associate Member at this stage in his career has limited knowledge of our industry core values, then I believe we are on a collision course of ethical ignorance and, perhaps, ethical meltdown.

I found myself explaining to him our core values of Ethics, Integrity, Competency, Communication, Collaboration and how we should be addressing our moral obligations. I went on to comment that behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be professional, and all professionals, not just CABE members, must provide a sustainable ethical, responsible and moral independent service and duty of care with integrity. I was trying to encourage our member to pay due regard to how he delivers his service and himself, but I do find it a concern if educating on our core values has sunk to the bottom of the industry syllabus.  

Ethics and integrity are the moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour and follow a professional code of conduct, which implements the ethical standards by which its members must abide. CABE members are highly qualified and governed by a strict code of ethics and this promotes trust in our professions and in turn we treat all others with mutual respect and responsibility. In essence: ethics guides everything we do and fosters public trust.

There is so much happening in industry at this moment on competence and competencies that an awareness of industry ethics and accountability will be a question raised, and as CABE members we should all be reviewing our ethical perception on this subject, whilst also assessing our professional boundaries.   

Good ethical behaviour or moral conduct in our industry can only be measured by the degree of trustworthiness and integrity with which individuals and companies conduct business.

Ethics and social responsibility are inherently controversial, and continue to present conflicts and challenges for our industry; however, our core values embrace a socially responsible approach to our professional roles, activities and attitudes for which we are all accountable. It’s a changing industry; one which is changing at considerable pace and being a construction professional today is very, very different to that of 25 years ago. 

Q: ‘What do we do as professionals when our principles point one way and a client or colleague needs ‘or wants’ to point in another? Do ethics and self-values go out of the window or do we collectively and continually demonstrate professional competence? PP Jan 19

A: It’s purely all about our professional and personal ethical approach and public interest, and ultimately is one of moral obligation; not so that we can understand, but rather so we can improve and enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. It’s important that all professionals act with the upmost integrity in their work, and that their business and professional ethics are driven by personal standards.

I hope this offers an understanding of a small part of our industry core values and that our Associate colleague can develop his awareness further and understand that behaving ethically is always at the heart of what it means to be professional.

Collaboration and promoting CABE 

Following the successful CABE conference in San Francisco it has been a juggling mission returning to a hectic workload in the office, before then setting off to engage at some industry events. 

My first stop was to the first CABE-APS joint event held in London which was attended by over 80 members. This was the first event since our MOU signing in June and hopefully paves the way for many more over the years to come.

PP Jan 19

Collaboration, Quality and Health and Safety were the key themes of the day, and the event was well received from all members in attendance. It was also a great day to catch up with past presidents Simon Lawes, John Humphries and Michael Wadood, and although we had some great conversation I couldn’t persuade any of them to take back the reins for one more day, although Michael is no stranger to the many conferences carried out around the UK and remains a reliable passionate presenter on key industry subjects such as Disabled Access, Fire and the Building Regulations.

My next stop was the Eastern regional conferences at King’s Lynn and Peterborough. It was the 2nd designeng conference in King’s Lynn and over 70 members were in attendance. Following this the inaugural event was held in Peterborough and again this proved to be a successful event. I’m confident this event is likely to grow and provide many more members the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow members where in the past this has not been possible.

It’s been a busy time, and as the festive period approaches I’m looking forward to putting my feet up and enjoying some valuable chill-out time, which I’m sure all members will be looking forward to, and, on that note, it’s time for me to close and I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the New Year.

Best Regards





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