President's Page November 2017


Dear Members,

It’s been an extremely busy month since my last presidential page, and it’s good to see that many of our members are also very busy. Autumn has definitely arrived and as I am writing this report, I am now suffering with the niggling signs of my first cold. Summer is definitely over, and the winter warmers are close at hand.

Following on from my last page, I have continued my objective of collaborating and working closely with industry partners to achieve shared goals. Much more still needs to be done in attracting and developing the younger talent into the built environment, but we are continuing to build our relationships with educational establishments and many industry partners.

There is a need for Industry to come together and start tackling key issues as one. There are some great initiatives out there at the moment, and some leading thinkers and the CABE is now playing a pivotal role in providing a platform for those that are making great strides to demonstrate best practice and inspire others, and this is clearly evident from some of the events I have visited over the past few weeks.
PP Nov 2017

Much has changed over the years in the way we work, socialise and network, and with social media activity more commonly used, professional engagement has become far easier and accessible, improving our industry relationships and expectations whilst embracing new trends and standards and bringing together an effective connection which supports and contributes to our knowledge and continued education. Collaboration reinforces and promotes the highest professional standards without restriction to any particular discipline, and this is working together to achieve shared goals. 

PP Nov 2017So this collaboration and engagement has taken me on numerous travels these past few weeks, starting with a return trip to Cardiff for their inaugural buildeng conference which attracted over 50 members and numerous exhibiters. The week prior to this I attended the Association of Project Safety panel debate at their annual conference in Cardiff, so it was nice to return. Quality was the theme and the varied presentations highlighted a need for better industry performance standards and better quality control throughout industry. 

PP Nov 2017My next stop was the CIAT AT Awards, celebrating the technology of architecture. This was an excellent event held at the Village Underground in Shoreditch London. This event was attended by many leading industry professionals and was hosted by Matt Allbright of BBC’s Rogue traders. Some excellent and fascinating projects were displayed, recognising outstanding design achievement and excellence in Architectural Technology, and the short list of entries for all categories were all well worthy winners 

PP Nov 2017

Next stop was Winchester, and the Southern Region’s 3rd buildeng conference, which attracted an attendance of over 80 delegates and various exhibitors. Again this event was focused on Quality in construction, which was one of my key objectives in tackling during my presidential term. This again was an excellent event, well-organised with some excellent speakers, all raising awareness of the importance to ensure projects are completed to the highest quality, with better industry quality control targets and monitoring.

My next visit involved me flying to Dublin in Ireland for their inaugural northern PP Nov 2017and southern buildeng conference. Over 130 attendees enjoyed a vibrant and enjoyable day, with many speakers in attendance which caused some initial concern over timings, but in gradually clawing back some time lost, the event actually finished with a short time to spare. An initial slight worry for Sarah Sivyer, Kirri Porter-White and myself, as we only had a short time period in which to get back to Dublin airport for our return flights. 

Again this was an excellent range of speakers and over 15 exhibitors, and the presentations ranged between fire safety and legislation, Building Regulation standards, sustainable design, and I closed the event with a presentation on Addressing Global PP Nov 2017Challenges in the Built Environment. This was an excellent event and I foresee this event being larger in 2018.  

Following a short break, my next stop was back to London with John Hooper for the LABC Reception of current president Richard Scott and the introduction of President elect Chris Griffith-Jones. 

This was another event which attracted many industry professionals, and during Richard’s address he emphasised the importance of Building Control, the legislation and better relationships between all members. I was also surprised by Richard’s charity efforts throughout his presidential term; he has raised over £42,000 to date for Pancreatic Cancer research. What a top man, and what a top cause; well done, Richard, and I am sure you will reach your target of £50,000 before you hand over the reins.
PP Nov 2017My last event was back in London with John Hooper and Sarah Sivyer for a meeting with the APS President, Bobby Chakravarthy, and CEO Lesley McLeod. We have made great strides over the past weeks in setting up a collaborative connection, and we have now set in place a formal collaborative partnership which will provide our members with direct access to APS events and membership opportunities, with reciprocal arrangements and opportunities for APS members to CABE events and membership. Our members have a great deal in common and we are both committed to working closely together to make sure all our members can access the skills and knowledge they need to help play their part in improving the built environment. More will be following on this in the journal so please keep an eye out for the forthcoming information.

My next venture will be to our conference in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, and I look forward to meeting many members there, and with a sell-out capacity I’m sure it will be a great event.

I have had very little opportunity this month to adorn the Pink hat, but with its cause close to my family’s heart, it’s important for me to continue to show my support for the Crazy Hats appeal.
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Until next month,

Best Regards

David Taylor BA(Hons) C.Build E PCABE FCABE MCIAT Peng MSPE