President's Page June 2017


Dear Members,

When becoming a member of the Association some 20 years ago, I could not have envisaged one day taking up the Presidential reins, but the time has arrived and I consider it a great honour and privilege to have been inaugurated as the 71st President of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers and to represent our Association and members at every opportunity and juncture, building upon the past Presidential legacies and extending the Association’s road and reach during the year ahead.

There are many colleagues and friends whom I would like to thank for their guidance and support over the years – too many to mention – but the love and support of my family gives me enormous inspiration in taking on this amazing adventure, and I also have a big thank you to Michael Wadood who pestered and encouraged me to become involved both regionally and as a board member. He doesn’t give up easily!!

My background is in Architecture, and from my early days with the National Coal Board our Industry has changed quite significantly. Over the years I have had the pleasure to have been involved in many successful and varied projects throughout the UK and Europe, several of which have received numerous awards, but I’m now finding that designing for today, with an awareness of the past, for a future we can’t foresee has never been more difficult than it is now.  

All of the Past Presidents have had a challenging task with the industry avenues of change at their time of office but the lifeblood routes of Growth, Collaboration and Quality Core Values have remained prominent industry values since I joined the industry in 1973. In the words of Winston Churchill: ‘There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives’; and how very true these words are. Each year new changes, challenges and standards evolve, which we all have to abide to, comply with, or to use in some way in our daily working environments, and they have certainly directed my profession in many ways. 

The CABE is making great strides in helping to steer the future of our industry and is encompassing a diverse range of skills and expertise within, and improving standards for the benefit of our members and society. The Association’s vision is Developing Professionals (Growth), Sharing Knowledge (Collaboration) and Raising Standards (Core Values) and these I have set as my mission to build upon over the next 12 months.

We are very lucky to have so many members who give up their valuable time for the benefit of the Association and it’s the efforts of these people, with the support of our Head Office, that has brought us this far; and I’m encouraged by the willingness of those individuals that will go the extra mile and make a difference! Members with passion inspire other members and, by strengthening our common links between members and other professional colleagues, we’re broadening our industry platform, driven by the collective goal of raising industry standards. 

Embedding Collective Collaboration in our professions provides us with equal opportunities and our co-badging relationships look strong for the years ahead. During the past few months I have had numerous meetings with representatives of other professional bodies, with more arranged, and it is hoped in going forward that we can create a forum with the purpose of cross-border collaboration. I hope to update members more on this over the forthcoming months. Society moves at a frightening pace and it is essential for our members to be aware of the information, sources and supportive opportunities to aid them in their professions, and by co-badging our knowledge we’re creating partnerships and exciting opportunities, not only to showcase the discipline of Building Engineering, but also how we can all learn from each other and continue the development and growth of the Association for the years ahead. 

It’s important to remember that we are a member Association, run by members for the benefit of members, and the CABE is a force to be reckoned with. Old enough to have become well established and to have built up a collective memory of how best to serve its members and the public, but also young and fortunate enough to still have active older members able to share their insights and knowledge which we can all learn from.

Throughout the year Ben Bradford has led a charge on the importance of ethical awareness, and I will also be encouraging members over the coming months on the importance of our industry core values. Our industry is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies and our professional heritage is expanding; however, there is a growing consensus of opinion within the industry and among the general public that professional unethical practices are now commonly found. Ethics guide everything we do and foster public trust. It is a changing industry, a global industry and being a construction professional today is very different to that of 25 years ago, and only through close collaboration from industry will we overcome this problem.  
PP June 2017

Before closing; as one of my last Vice-President visits, I met up with my old friend, David Charnock of JHAI Building Control. Good to see David as we go back many years. However, in his persuasive manner he has hooked me in to support their charity Crazy Hats, supporting breast cancer care, which is an excellent cause and close to my own familiy's heart, so if you see me turn up at your region donning the pink helmet, don’t be too alarmed, but I’m sure you appreciate it’s for a good cause, and no doubt it will raise a giggle or two along the way.

Why not take a look! (

There’s a lot of work in front of me, and many roads to travel, but I’m confident that with your support it’s going to be an enjoyable year.

Best regards,

David Taylor BA(Hons) C.Build E PCABE FCABE MCIAT PEng MSPE