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Dear Members,

As it continues to be an extremely busy time for us all, I cannot believe where the past year has gone; the time has simply flown by.

This is my last President’s page prior to the President’s Reception and by now many of you will be aware that, in agreement with the Board, I have agreed to stay on as President for a further year. This is due to the retirement of John Hooper and the new Chief Executive position for Gavin Dunn and, with it being difficult for our Vice-President Ant Burd to fulfil the position a year earlier, I have agreed to undertake the role for a further year.

No doubt the forthcoming year, like the past and others before, will deliver new challenges, but my Presidential objectives of member and student growth, encouraging effective collaborations between our members and the professions and promoting quality core values, will remain my priority in raising the Association’s profile for the forthcoming year.


Our industry currently employs 3.2 million people and 29 new jobs are created for every one million pounds invested. Industry predicts that 300,000 new jobs could be created by 2019; however, there is a problem – within the next ten years up to 450,000 in our industry will retire, and with one in eight members now over 60 and our impending exit from the EU, we have a serious issue ensuring and maintaining a skill base and growth development for the years ahead.

Throughout the year I have visited and met with many organisations, colleges, universities and professional bodies, and growth throughout the year has been proficient on all levels, and I have had the pleasure on numerous occasions to raise our profile, along with our membership director, Tony Ginda. The membership team at CABE have certainly been busy, and I’ve signed what seems to be an endless pot of membership certificates, and as I am writing this report another batch has just arrived for me to sign.

Our membership skills are now so diverse that the values and knowledge we have within the Association bring us fresh ideas and new perceptions, and by working together sharing our skills, goals and experiences we are driving change and opportunities across our boundaries, and by adding our voice and expertise, we are continually increasing our influence in industry.


Collaborative opportunities form an integral part of the Association’s objectives which help increase our member relationships and engagements, and ensures our Association has a global presence and a respected influence; and I feel privileged that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to further develop our cross-border collaborations both nationally and internationally for a further year.

I‘ve met with many industry bodies and collaborative ventures are, and have been, entered into; however, it’s a shame that a small number of professional bodies still consider open collaboration to be a closed door and regard it as some kind of threat, or plan, to access their inner secrets of industry progression. However, our Association has a positive ethos, clear goals and strong ambitions and was founded with the principal objectives to share our knowledge and encourage and facilitate co-operation between our members and the professions, and I look forward to further developing this throughout the coming year.

Quality core values 

Our industry is under constant pressure to be faster, more competitive and more efficient whilst many challenges continue, and quality and professionalism has become exacerbated by student shortfalls, industry retirements and personal values of performance and compromise. Quality is certainly being sacrificed for speed of delivery, and the quality gap is widening.

Throughout the year I have spoken and written about the importance of integrity and better quality, better industry standards, better industry values, better industry delivery, and better ethical standards and leadership, and it’s crucial that we all retain and preserve the highest possible standards and values whilst maintaining a positive contribution to our professions and society. The next few years will bring many more challenges and we all need to support a promotion of better core values. Only through close collaboration from industry will we then overcome this problem, and I will continue throughout next year to raise this at every opportunity.

Collaborating and promoting CABE

The officers’ training day at Head Office provided a great time and occasion for regional members to come together, networking and further developing opportunities for enhancing and promoting regional events and CPDs.

It’s important for all members to remember that CPD is how Professional Building Engineers demonstrate that they are enhancing their competency and credibility, so well done to all of our regional centres of excellence in providing valuable CPDs and networking events throughout the year, along with their continued commitment and the enthusiasm they instil, which should be acknowledged.

My next visit was to the ArchitEx 2018 Conference in Liverpool. After a few difficult and emotional days beforehand with a family matter I almost did not make this event, but I was pleased to have attended to support John Hooper at the CABE stand and exhibition and to deliver a presentation on the use of digital technology. It was a pleasure to present alongside Chris Blyth, CEO of the CIOB and Steve Wood, CEO of the NHBC and Gary Newman of the ASBP.

My final visits of the year before the President’s reception, are to Chelmsford University to meet and present to a mixed variety of industry students, and then on to the South West regional buildeng Conference, which will complete my goal of visiting all regional members, with the exception of one which I hope to visit in the next year.

I hope that I have, in my way, helped to serve the members of the Association, in what has been an incredible and enjoyable year, and I look forward to further seeing you all in my next year of office.

Until next month,

David Taylor BA(Hons) C.Build E PCABE FCABE MCIAT


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