RED TAPE CHALLENGE - Housing & Construction

RED TAPE CHALLENGE - Housing & Construction Image

It is rare that professionals, organisations and individuals are given the opportunity to influence all of the legislation which affects their lives.

The Government are undertaking a review of all legislation and asking for public opinion. Each business sector falls under the spotlight for 4-5 weeks and all of the comments made will then be considered

The Red Tape Challenge is now focusing on Housing and Construction, and area with over 200 regulations currently in force. The sector is seen as key to driving growth in our economy, and there is a desire to encourage development and ensure that the systems behind these regulations run in the most effective and light touch way, whilst maintaining the necessary safeguards.

The review encourages comments in relation to potential scrapping of regulations, looking at non-regulatory alternatives to achieving suitable standards, simplifying rules, reducing bureaucracy and making enforcement more straightforward.

At the same time, Government are currently finalising a consultation on a number of proposals for changes to the Building Regulations. Consultations on these proposals will take place in the near and the feedback from both the Red Tape Challenge and this consultation exercise will be used to develop future changes to the Building Regulations.

Visit the Red Tape Challenge website to join the debate.

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