Report on South West Region AGM & CPD Roadshow

Report on South West Region AGM & CPD Roadshow Image

The South West Regional Officers would like to thank all of those who attended the South West Regional AGM held at The Old Heathcote School Community Centre in Tiverton on 23rd January 2019.

We would all like to thank our outgoing secretary Rixon Sayner for all the work he has done for the region for over a decade; and we are glad that he will stll have some involvement in the Regional Committee. The very best thing about being involved with the CABE region is that I have made such good friends through this role. Rixon certainly falls into this category, and I very much look forward to our time together in the retirement home for CABE members in the future.

South West AGM1We would very much like to welcome our new Regional Secretary Andrew Sellers. We know that Andrew is, and will be, a great asset to the Region and to CABE.

The AGM was followed by two excellent CPD presentations. Toby Champion from Newton Waterproofing presented on the standards set out in BS 8102 and Type A, B and C tanking systems. He explained the pathology that a CSSW (Chartered Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) needs to go through when designing a suitable and maintainable tanking system. He further explained the importance of a two element system.

Our second speaker was Tom Dear from Timberwise who presented on timber infestation and fungal attack. Tom ran through the main wood borers from the Common Furniture Beetle to the Longhorn Beetle.

South West AGM3

He explored defects that occur from infestation and the treatments required to remedy the situation. He went on to explain fungal attack on timber and the conditions that can cause this to happen. He explained what makes up a dry rot attack from the hyphae strands which can transport moisture to the fruiting body, the mycelium. He completed his talk by talking through some case studies on both dry rot and timber infestation.

Both CPD presentations were very well received by the audience.

We would like to thank Tom and Toby for their presentations and participation. It was great that the two presentations were complementary to each other.

Our next Roadshow will be in the Bristol area in February and we will also be holding a single CPD event in Tiverton on 21st February 2019.  Please look out for the CABE flyers or check the website for events. 

Buildeng South West 2019 will soon be upon us and tickets can be booked though the CABE website. We very much look forward to seeing you there on 1st May 2019.

Robert Gary

South West Regional Chairman

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