Report on Stabilisation & Repair of Heritage Structures/Listed Buildings at Hillingdon

Report on Stabilisation & Repair of Heritage Structures/Listed Buildings at Hillingdon Image

hillingdonThe Region held a CPD event at the Council offices of London Borough of Hillingdon. Our regional CABE representative Anthony Oloyede, Building Control Manager at Hillingdon, introduced John Brook, Business Development Manager at Cintec International Ltd and who is also a member of CABE, to delegates who attended.

John’s presentation was on Stabilisation and repair of heritage structures / listed buildings: crack stitching, lateral restraint, consolidation of walls. He started his presentation talking around the use of replacement ties using fixing bars, stock and grout using either non percussive drilling or anchor injection.

The presentation then flowed into wall tie replacement and stabilisation of façades and then onto façade retention and gas explosion protection. During his presentation John was able to reference various case studies both within the UK and overseas, some of which revolved around heritage buildings.

Delegates were informed that the influence of Cintec International Ltd was not limited to buildings and included case studies of bridges, retaining walls, steel fixings, parapet walls and mini piling.


In concluding, John informed delegates that Cintec was the only system developed and designed to be sympathetic and compatible for heritage work. Their system works well in lime mortar and friable substrates, is completely hidden when installed and is quicker and more economical than rebuilding.

From the feedback received from those who attended, it is clear that they found the presentation of interest and we are appreciative to John for offering his time to talk to members at our Hillingdon Centre of Excellence as well as agreeing to talk to our members at our Shoreham Centre of Excellence on 27 June.


Chairman – Southern Region

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