Watch the Latest Unconscious Bias Webinar

Watch the Latest Unconscious Bias Webinar Image

Unconscious bias is mostly unintended bias derived from engrained learned behaviour generally as a consequence of family culture and lifetime experiences. 

It relates to automatic patterns of thinking and assumptions when people favour others who look like them, share their values, have similar educational background, gender or ethnicity i.e. characteristics which are automatically recognisable. Whilst we may all wish to believe we are fair and work without judgement, unconscious bias can impair our thoughts and decision-making.

This webinar examines unconscious bias and explores how to recognise it. Looking at ways to use this knowledge to enhance your working relationships and mitigate the negative impact that it can have in the assessment of candidates, in recruitment processes and professional interviews. The webinar will enhance your competency where your expertise is used to provide advice and guidance. 


The next webinar Japanese Knotweed Management is live at 8am on 16th January 2019. Register now


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