Registration of Building Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors

RegistrationWhilst all CABE members are ‘Building Engineers’, some will obviously offer some specialist services. Whilst you may be perfectly content to describe yourself as a ‘Building Engineer’ the CABE recognises that on occasion you may wish to offer specific services under another heading.

If you work in Ireland and wish to describe yourself as a ‘Building Surveyor’ or ‘Quantity Surveyor’ as well as ‘Building Engineer’ then it is important that you apply for registration.

Protection of the titles of ‘Building Surveyor’ and ‘Quantity Surveyor’ in Ireland was introduced in the Building Control Act 2007. The use of those titles is restricted to suitably qualified persons who have been included on a statutory register.

By ensuring that all individuals that are registered have achieved a defined level of professional and academic qualifications, and have the necessary experience and competence, the consumer should benefit from the reassurance that they will receive a quality service.

The registration of Building Surveyors and Quantity Surveyors in Ireland brings a confirmation that those registered individuals have attained an internationally recognised professional standard.

The register will list those individuals who have appropriate education, training and experience at an appropriate standard and to similar professionals practising within the EU, and will enable them to use the titles ‘Building Surveyor’ or ‘Quantity Surveyor’; however, it will not necessarily prevent others from offering those services.

Although some time has passed since the legislation was introduced, it is now possible for members of the CABE who are suitably qualified to apply for registration. The registration process is being administered by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, and online registration is now available at

As part of the registration process the Association will confirm that individuals are members and that they are suitably qualified to join the register. To ensure that there are no unnecessary delays to your registration please ensure that you provide a current CV and CPD record to the Association prior to applying for registration.

For further information on registration, please contact Kevin Blunden, Deputy Chief Executive (Technical) on 01604 404121.