Award Submission Guidance

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Qualification For Nomination

Entry is open to any organisation, individual or project where there has been substantial involvement of a CABE Member. This includes the design, construction, assessment or engineering of a building project, or a substantive role in a research, teaching, education or academic context. Projects must have been completed in 2018.

Assessment Criteria

The judging panel will mark each project against five criteria in line with the weighted scoring matrix dependent on the award category for which the project is nominated. The assessment criteria are:


Explain why your nominated project is of an exceptional quality to merit an award. This could include the quality of the projects design or performance, quality of construction work, innovative or improved site practices, exceptional management practice including project and cost management, or the use of particular skills or techniques. For research, education or academic projects quality could include the quality of insight in identifying the need for the project, the methodology adopted or exceptional practice or techniques in the execution of the work. Emphasis should be given to the complexity of the construction and/or the degree of difficulty in achieving the project objectives.


Impact includes how your project delivers public benefit, drives innovation, improves productivity, enhances the public realm and supports positive change in industry culture, practice and safety. This might reflect working practices adopted during the project, aspects of design or research outcomes improvements for building users and the general public. You should provide information on any likely level of industry interest in the project outcome including design, materials or good working practices.


Provide information on how the project promotes and achieves sound practice in terms of its environmental advantages. This could include energy efficiency, carbon mitigation, embodied carbon and energy, how the project addresses climate change and mitigation, flood resilience, mitigation or prevention, bio-diversity, air quality, sustainable transport or infrastructure as well as reduced waste and the circular economy.


CABE is committed to promoting a more inclusive Built Environment for all. You should explain how the needs of a diverse range of users were taken in to consideration including factors such as consultation with the public or specialist user groups; how the project incorporates inclusive design principles in practice; specific features of the design or development of the project that demonstrate good practice and overall how the building contributes to an environment that is more accessible and responsive to user needs.

Client/User Satisfaction

Provide examples of how the client/public or user(s) of the project benefit in terms of overall satisfaction and demonstrate how the needs and expectations of the project at inception have been realised. This could include details of how you worked with your client, public or other forms of consultation, post occupancy evaluation, user feedback, clearly identified improvements in outcomes for building users or any other evidence as to how the project has positively benefitted people including clients and the local community.

Specific Entry Considerations

  • All submissions must be able to demonstrate significant involvement of a current Member of Chartered Association of Building Engineers
  • Submissions must be related to projects that were completed during 2018
  • CABE reserve the right to use winning and highly commended projects, and the details contained therein to promote future Association’s Awards
  • The Association will engage in PR activity to promote the Association’s Awards, and name any awards made, on a local, national and international level
  • CABE may request that additional photographs and video footage are captured for promotional purposes
  • Submissions will not be returned.


  • Judges will be Members of the Association’s Awards Panel
  • The judges will consider each submission against the weighted category criteria
  • The final decision will be made by the Association’s Awards Panel and their decision is final
  • The Awards Panel reserves the right not to give an award in a particular category
  • The Awards Panel reserves the right to refuse entries without giving justification
  • Information discussed between the judges and the Awards Panel will remain confidential.

Other Information

Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner which may be held in conjunction with other CABE events. All shortlisted nominations will be invited to book a table at any awards dinner.

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