Maintenance or Refurbishment Award

Demostrates exceptional good practice, innovation or engineering in maintaining or refurbishing buildings, or part of the built environment.

The Maintenance or Refurbishment Award is a marker of excellence in this sector of our industry. Buildings form the back bones of our everyday live,s so ensuring their proper maintenance and upkeep is absolutely essential to the functioning of so many.

With this in mind, we have elected to expand the criteria of this award for 2019 to include refurbishment as well as maintenance. We’ve done this in order to recognise the work that goes in to updating or changing a buildings function as well as its general upkeep.

If you believe your project fits these criteria, ensure you nominate it by the deadline on 31st May 2019. 

To find out more read the Awards Submission Guidelines. 


Attendees at the 2018 Built Environment Award held at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire