Preservation, Conservation or Extension Award

Demonstrating a project that involves the preservation, conservation or extension of an existing building, taking into account improvements in quality, accessibility, sustainability and user satisfaction.


The CABE Preservation, Conservation or Extension Award (previously the Preservation & Conservation Award) is a prestigious prize for anyone in this sector to receive.

Previous winners include in 2018 NPS Leeds for their exemplary restoration of the roof of Leeds Central Library and Art Gallery; and in 2017 Aleks Simic of Simic Associates for 100 High Street.

Simic’s award was accepted by their client in the project Sandeep & Sharan Sira of Sira Building Development Ltd. They said of the awards ceremony:

‘Everyone is so knowledgeable. Speaking just on the table, we had Architects, Surveyors, Building Inspectors. I’m sure we could ask any question about building in that room and it would be answered.’



Preservation & Conservation Award 2018

NPS Leeds - recipitents of the 2018 CABE Built Environment award for Preservation & Conservation

Preservation & Conservation Award 2017

Presentation of the 2017 CABE Built Environment  Preservation & Conservation Award


2017 Highly Commended Diocese of Westminster for St Monica’s Priory RC Church. CABE Awards Panel felt that recognition should go to the Diocese of Westminster for their restoration work at St Monica's Priory RC Church