Qualification for Nomination

CABE Awards 2018 - Nominations Closed

Qualification for Nomination

Entry is open to an organisation, individual or project where there has been substantial involvement of a CABE member. The subject of the nomination for the award will have demonstrated a range of Building Engineering skills through invention, research, design, education or other related activity and has produced a leading edge, innovative and exemplary project which was completed in the previous year.

General Assessment Criteria

The Project

Indicate the reasons why this project is exemplary and worthy of an award and the reasons why the project was undertaken. Particular emphasis should be given to areas where the project exceeded recognised industry standards and best practice.

Client/User Satisfaction

Provide examples of how the client/public or user(s) of the project benefits in terms of overall satisfaction and demonstrate how the needs and expectations of the project at inception have been realised.

Innovation and Excellence

Provide details of design and planning, including innovative solutions, methods of construction, work practices or partnering, and demonstrate how the quality of the project was achieved. Emphasis should be given to the complexity of the construction and/or the degree of difficulty in achieving the project.

Cost Benefit

Provide information on the cost benefit analysis, from the implementation and concept of the project, through to completion. Include details of how this project has achieved value for money and how this impacts on future costs in relation to the project.


Provide information on how the project promotes and achieves sound practice in terms of its environmental advantages. Include details of any impact on existing natural resources, renewable energy technologies or any energy efficiencies that were used during the construction process. Details of how the project was managed to minimise waste should be included.

Public Benefit

Provide information on the impact the project would have, or has had, on the general public. Include articles and information showing how the project has been publicised.

Industry Impact

Provide information on any likely level of industry interest in the project outcome, design, materials and good work practices. Include details of any other awards for which the project has been nominated.

Research and Development

Provide information on Research and Development activities that have informed and determined the design/implementation of the project, from conception to completion.


Where the project relates to a building an integrated approach to the whole life of the building should be demonstrated, incorporating future maintenance into the design and construction.

Project Time/Cost

Provide information on the project schedule and costs and whether or not the various activities were delivered on time and within budget. Provide details of what went wrong, how problems were overcome, and on the outcome of the project.


It is assumed that all projects submitted for consideration will comply with all statutory and legislative requirements and such other regulatory systems and codes of practice that are deemed relevant. Where such compliance is not evident and no satisfactory explanation is available, the project will not be considered.

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