Comment and Feedback

FeedbackWe like hearing from you!

As a professional organisation, we are always open to feedback and comments, to help us improve the service we provide to members, non-members and the general public.

If you’ve any comments which you’d like to pass on, good or bad, related to any of our service provisions, then please do contact us.

Why are we interested?

As a professional body, it is our job to maintain the highest levels of service and conduct to uphold the reputation of the CABE.

What if I have concerns?

We pride ourselves on the quality and high standards of the Association and we take any instances where these standards are not maintained seriously. If you feel that you have not received an appropriate level of service then please contact Kate Ilott, Operations Director.

How do I complain?

If you want/need to escalate the complaint, then we will need to receive your complaint in writing. This is so we can maintain a record and to ensure the validity of the complaint.

Normally we will also ask for any evidence, such as letters, e-mails, etc that we may need to consider.

What will we do about it?

Once a complaint is made a senior member of staff not involved in the matter will investigate it. A report will then be prepared and the matter referred to the Chief Executive and Board for consideration.

You will be kept informed throughout the process and you will normally be advised of the outcome within 14 days.