Executive Team Support

Erin Wills - Executive PA 
Carl Pearson - Senior Legal Advisor & Association Clerk 



David Little - Head of Finance & Payroll



Diane Westall - Membership Operations Manager
Michelle Boyce - Membership Database Administrator
Amy Chatfield - Membership Operations Administrator
Sarah Howell - Membership Operations Administrator
Tara Talley - Membership Operations Administrator



Laura Richardson - PR & Communications Manager
Katie Di Stefano - Head of IT & Digital Infrastructure
Carol Langham - Editor
Jack Hollis - PR and Digital Communications Co-ordinator
Hollie Darby - Receptionist & Facilities Co-ordinator


Membership Services

Kirri Porter-White - Training and Events Team Leader
Jo Goring - Training and Events Administrator
Jordan Sutton - Training and Events Administrator
Donna Eason - Academic Liason Officer
Adam Bullock - Membership Services Administrator