Looking to the future - today and beyond´╗┐

We all know that times ahead are set to be challenging, however the CABE Board has reviewed its strategy and has set out a plan which the Association will follow and develop over the coming years.

Building a sustainable future on the sound foundations of the past. Kevin Blunden, Deputy Chief Executive (Technical)

The Association aims to:

  • develop the Association, both in terms of standing within the industry, and the range of expertise, professionalism and qualification of an expanding membership body
  • raise the profile of CABE within the UK and overseas and ensure that members are recognised as having a qualification which is meaningful and appropriate
  • improve the recognition and status of both the Association and its members
  • increase the number of members both within the UK and overseas and support an evolving and expanding skills base within the membership

The Title of Chartered Building Engineer

The description of Chartered Building Engineer was granted to the Chartered Association of Building Engineers in 2013. A Royal Charter is granted under the Royal prerogative and is therefore effectively the equivalent of an Act of Parliament in its legal effect. 

Therefore the granting of the post nominal C.Build E is exclusively within the power of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. 

Furthermore, the Chartered Association of Building Engineers has the right through legal action to prohibit any other organisation from awarding the title and any person from using the title unless authorised to do so by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers which sets and promotes high standards of competency and conduct.´╗┐

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