Mission, Vision & Values


As the professional body for Building Engineers, CABE endeavours to:

  • assist members in their lifelong development, ensuring that they achieve their full potential
  • act as a respected voice for Building Engineers and the public, working with Governments, Academic Bodies and other professions to influence policy and set technical and ethical standards
  • enhance the reputation and understanding of the building engineering profession


  • To be recognised and respected globally as the professional body for Building Engineers
  • To be renowned for maintaining the highest possible standards and making a valuable contribution to society at a local, national and global level
  • To be the body of choice for forward-thinking individuals and organisations


We are committed to the following values in everything we do:

  • To strive to be professional, ethical, respectful and accountable
  • To provide quality services that are sustainable
  • To meet the needs of all Building Engineers, regardless of their specialist area
  • To engage with others, build partnerships and promote teamwork
  • To promote our own standards to others
  • To work for the benefit of our members

Mission Values