Terms & Conditions - Exhibitions

Terms and Conditions

The ABE operates as the agent company for the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE). The Exhibition Terms and Conditions below must be carefully studied and followed by every Exhibitor for the CABE Annual Conference and Exhibition. 

Any queries should be addressed to:Operations Director, Kate Ilott, Chartered Association of Building Engineers, Lutyens House, Billing Brook Road, Northampton, NN3 8NW, United Kingdom.

Applications for Space

Application for exhibition space should be made on the official booking form. You will need to state which exhibition stand number you would like on your booking form. If the stand you have requested has already been taken, please contact the Events & Marketing Team to see which stands are available or alternatively view our CABE Conference and Exhibition webpage.  Exhibition stand availability should be checked with the Events & Marketing Team prior to you returning the completed booking form. The Association of Building Engineers reserve the right to refuse any application or prohibit any exhibitor without assigning any reason for such refusal or prohibition.

Applications for stand space will be acknowledged by way of email. Confirmation of your exhibition space booking will also be sent via email. 


Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch, as and when served to CABE Conference & Exhibition delegates during the Exhibition open periods, will be made available to up to two representatives for each Exhibition space free of charge. 

Exhibition Guide

An Exhibition Guide is produced in which each exhibitor/sponsor is entitled to a free editorial entry of up to 200 words describing their organisation. The Events & Marketing Team reserve the right to edit each entry. Copies are provided to each Conference delegate on arrival at the CABE Annual Conference and Exhibition. Exhibitors are encouraged to send in their copy for the Exhibition Guide entry with their completed booking form but, failing that, not later than 01 September 2015.

Delegate Registration

Should Exhibitors/Sponsors wish to appoint official delegates to the Conference, in addition to participating in the Exhibition, delegates must be registered on completion and return of the Official Delegate Registration Form.


Exhibits which, on inspection, do not reasonably satisfy the Organisers shall be modified by the Exhibitor in such a manner and within such time as the Organisers may require. In default the Organisers may remove such exhibit at the expense of the Exhibitor, who shall forfeit all sums paid in the form of hire charges.

Fire Precautions

Exhibitors are advised that the Local Authority has stringent regulations governing materials used on site during an Exhibition. Should you have any queries about materials you plan to use or exhibit on your stand, please contact the Events & Marketing Team immediately.


No nails, screws or other fixtures may be driven into any part of the Exhibition area, including floors, nor may any part of the building be damaged or disfigured in any way. Should any damage occur to the building fabric, the Exhibitor responsible shall be liable for any reparation charges incurred.


The CABE Annual Conference & Exhibition is promoted on the Website cbuilde.com, on regional flyers, social media and via e-newsletters. The Events & Marketing Team will also promote the Conference through other channels. Delegate invitations are being sent out via email. The Technical Press are also alerted to this important event in the construction industry calendar. 


The Organisers will take every reasonable precaution in the provision of day and night security, but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to Exhibitors’ property. 

EXHIBITORS ARE WARNED NOT TO LEAVE THEIR STANDS UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME WHEN THE HALL IS OPEN, whether during the build-up, open or breakdown periods. In the event of loss or damage, the Organisers should be informed immediately.

Stand Space

Space only will be provided to the Exhibitor who shall provide, erect and dismantle his own display boards and Exhibition material. One 13Amp electric socket outlet per site will be provided by the Organisers. Exhibitors shall provide their own 13Amp fused ganged socket outlet and extension lead should further electrical supply be needed. 


Exhibitors should note that it is contrary to the Local Authority fire regulations to store packing materials of any nature within the Exhibition areas. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for the removal and storage of such materials. 

Current timetables for exhibit set up and take down:

Annual Conference 
Installation of exhibits must take place on the morning of Wednesday 18 October 2017 and must be in place by 08.30hrs prior to the start of the CABE Annual Conference and Exhibition. Exhibits may be dismantled and removed after 11.00hrs on Friday 19 October with complete removal of the exhibit by 1:00pm.

buildeng South West 2017 
Set up:
Tuesday 25th April between 15.00hrs and 17.00hrs (subject to confirmation) and 07.30hrs and 08.00hrs on Wednesday 26th. Stands must be in place by 08.00hrs on Wednesday 26th April 2017.
Removal: Stands to be removed after 14:30hrs Wednesday 26th April 2017.

buildeng Northern 2017
Set up: Wednesday 14th June between 07.30hrs and 08.30hrs Stands must be in place by 08.30hrs on Wednesday 14th June 2017.
Removal: Stands to be removed after 16:30hrs Wednesday 14th June 2017.

buildeng Scotland 2017
Set up: 
Morning of Tuesday 16th May 2017 between 07:30hrs-08:30hrs.
Removal: Stands to be removed after 14:30hrs Tuesday 16th May 2017.


Cancellations after the specified cut-off dates for each individual exhibition will result in a loss of all monies paid.  All bookings received after the cancellation cut-off date will still be subject to cancellation terms and conditions with immediate effect and any monies due will need to be paid by credit/debit card or BACS transfer at the time of booking.